Link Tracking Technolgy

Tink works with the latest tracking technology in order to identify and assign rewards to all Tinkers. We follow all links that are sent and shared by Tinkers, and our technology identifies the best referrers, assigns rewards, receives traffic analytics, offers benchmark data in order to asses the effectiveness of the shared offers in order to continuously optimize performance. The control panel has all the information related to metrics, thereby constantly improving efficiency and effectiveness of referral campaigns.

Control panel: metrics & analytics

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.
The metrics and analytics control panel, offers all the relevant information related to campaign performance: source, origin and traffic segmentation, opening rate, efficiency rate, success rate and it analyses and delivers information on the best Tinkers for the company to offer special rewards.

Mailings, embedded web, landing pages

Tink emails referral campaigns to customers or employees who, either share them on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or send them individually (Email, Whatsapp) depending on the company┬┤s previously defined parameters. Tink can also be embedded into an existing web page for clients or employees to share campaigns from the site.
Whether through email or embedded website sharing, both options have the possibility to include social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

Scope of referral campaigns: Viral or Exclusive

The company chooses between two forms of recommendation based on the type of product and on the company:

1) Viral social sharing of referral campaigns: Tinkers can share offers from the email they receive. There are social sharing buttons inserted in the email for the sharing process to be faster, and when offers are shared, they are automatically tracked and the rewards are assigned to the specific Tinkers.

2) Exclusive and individual sending of campaigns: The company encourages Tinkers to think about whom they really want to send a recommendation. This option offers a more exclusive perception of the recommendation and helps companies anticipate an increase in sales.

New customer base

Each company choses about how to close the process to attract new consumers:

Voucher generation

Filling out a contact form

Code generation for rewards to be redeemed by the new customers